Creamy Cheddar Spicy Dip

This recipe completely typifies my style of cooking, experimenting and what I love to do! Of course, it includes “taste”, “add slowly”, “taste” again, try again and stay at it until you create what is your fav. This is one of ours.

So, the story goes….My husband and I visited family & friends in the Chicago area who hosted a BBQ in honor of our marriage.  It is a day we will always remember. So much fun and laughs! Each guest contributed a dish to the event. My brother Greg and wife, Anne brought a absolutely amazing dip that they had purchased at a local shop who makes the dip. The dip is only made at that shop.

Upon returning home, I began the process of trying to mimic it as close as possible. After several attempts, I finally came up with a dip as close as I could. But at the end, it was what I loved.  It is DELISH!  Below is the recipe I emailed to my sister detailing my final result.

“Hi MB. After 6 attempts, I came up with….

I cup mayo. Add up to 3/4 c sour cream, but add slowly and taste ( you know the drill). The first 2 I tried were too sour creamy (is that a sorta description?) when I upped to 1 c. sour cream.  After mixing the mayo and sour cream, I added cayenne pepper until it reached a pinkish color (like a faint pink) and I could taste it (approximately 3/4 teas). Then, came the oh-so-important shredded sharp cheddar – no mild cheddar happenin’ here. I added ’til it looked like enough and that each dip would get some cheese on it. I found that I kept adding actually ended up with lots of shredded cheddar – may have been 1/2 to 3/4 bag.  Add 1 teas cumin (only one I remember exactly). I also added 1/4 – 1/2 small can of chopped jalapenos, but had chopped them even more before adding slowly to taste.  If you add lots of cayenne you may want to forego the jalapenos. Two finely chopped green onions seemed like a great addition so I threw them in. Diced chilies did not give us the kick we wanted so we stuck with jalapenos. It may not be exact, to the shop’s version, but very close. Jon and I LOVE it! Let me know what you think.”

ANYWAY YOU WANT IT TIPS: I think that the key in my cooking is the need to know how to add. Subtracting isn’t a part of the descriptions so don’t worry about needing to know how to subtract or any other math formulas on this. Add as much “heat” as you want depending on how spicy hot you like it. Dip large dipping Fritos, tortilla chips, crackers, yada, yada.



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